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Courses for Young People

HADD’s Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Courses:


SFBT is a systemic and positively oriented approach to talk therapy, coaching, and self-empowerment, aimed at young people and adults. HADD's SFBT groups are practical, positive, and simple! As the name says, it’s about focusing on solutions rather than on problems. We do not emphasis what’s ‘wrong’ with people, we aim to identify what’s right!  - to build on skills, enhance self-awareness and encourage problem-solving and peer support in order to learn about ADHD, the effects it has on the individual’s life, and figure out practical solutions to overcome specific challenges.

At present, these are run in the Dublin area, by trained and experienced professionals for  adolescents and young adults.

This has been made possible by funding from the AIB Better Ireland Programme and the Katherine Howard Foundation.

Groups usually involve 4-8 people. When groups are held with young people (aged 14-18), participants are grouped according to age, gender, etc. This is done in order to ensure that everyone can contribute to and benefit from shared experiences and problem solving activities.

We have held a number of very successful groups.  Participants said that it was a very positive experience for them in terms of an improved ability to focus and work set long term goals and also the significant positive outcomes that had occurred for them by the end of the course.   They particularly valued the opportunity of participating in a group where all other members were grappling with the same challenge as themselves, namely ADHD.

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in one of our SFBT groups, then please contact the HADD office on 01 8748349 or for more details.