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Kevin Roberts is coming to unlock your ADHD Superpower!

Kevin Roberts

This workshop from the world famous and internationally renowned Kevin Roberts is aimed at teenagers with ADHD and their parents!

It is remarkably easy to focus on the negatives and drawbacks of ADHD. Pessimism often reigns supreme among ADHD people and their loved ones. This event will arm participants with the necessary tools to cultivate a relentlessly optimistic perspective regarding ADHD, and will offer cutting edge strategies to succeed with ADHD on a daily basis.

Kevin Roberts is a comedian, ADHD researcher, and ADHD coach. He weaves these different aptitudes together to give participants a cutting-edge mind-set towards ADHD that employs humour, creativity, and what Kevin calls the "law of opposites." Participants will be provided, as well, with the latest science in an easily-absorbable format. You will come out of this presentation energized, informed, and empowered so that you can truly "Unlock the Power of ADHD,” which is the title of one of Kevin's books.

When: 22nd June 2017 2.00pm – 5.00pm Richmond Barracks, Inchicore 

Cost: €50 per child, parents go free!

To book or get more information: email info@hadd.or or call 01-874 8349

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