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Inattentiveness that children with ADHD show in the classroom is related to underdeveloped working memory

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may fidget, tap and swivel around in a chair much more than normally developing children because it helps them to learn complex material, psychologists have found. 

For individuals with ADD/ADHD wiring, who have challenges with consistency, lack of motivation, addiction, anxiety and distractibility, building mindfulness is essential.

ADHD and Yoga connection

Hatha Yoga practice steers individuals to master certain breathing techniques, postures, and cognitive control which results in increasing mindfulness. Mindfulness at the heart of every yoga practice brings the biggest benefit:

• Relaxation and quieting of the mind

• Improved Focus

• Improved levels of flexibility

TRINITY McPARTLIN was on top form once again at the British Inclusive Skating Championships where she took home five awards for her solo and team performances on the ice.

A Glasgow mum has raved about her daughter’s progress since being diagnosed with ADHD after claiming three gold medals in a British figure skating competition.

Trinity McPartlin dazzled on the ice in the British Inclusive Skating Championships in Glasgow to bag five prizes for her solo and team performances last month.

“How was your day?” “Fine.” It’s not exactly illuminating conversation, is it? Unfortunately, many kids with ADHD don’t leap at the opportunity to talk to Mom and Dad about how their day at school went — especially if it went poorly. Here’s how parents can encourage better communication (hint: it starts by asking the right questions).

This is important! N.I.C.E. is the 'National Institute of Clinical Excellence' in the UK and they write the playbook for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD (children and adults) for the NHS. They have just updated their guidelines on best practice and it’s well worth your time, if you are being treated or thinking of getting treatment for ADHD (as it’s the sort of thing the HSE could well follow!). And if you want to know what your doctor is doing, this will tell you!


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